Miyeon was once opposed by other members of (G) I-DLE after being unable to debut with BLACKPINK.

The other 5 members in (G) I-DLE used to not welcome Miyeon, but now they have become close.

Before becoming the main vocal of (G) I-DLE, Miyeon used to be a trainee at YG Entertainment and was known as the “5th member” of BLACKPINK.  Thanks to her beautiful visual, Miyeon is one of the most popular 4th generation idols in Kpop, but until now everyone knows (G) I-DLE used to oppose her.

Miyeon was once opposed by other members of (G) I-DLE

The story was revealed by Miyeon and Minnie during a live stream recently.  They said that (G) I-DLE originally planned to debut with a 5-member  lineup.  However, CUBE Entertainment changed its plan, announcing that one more member would join the group to be the main vocalist.

That person was Miyeon.  At that time, she faced the objections of 5 other members.  They rejected the appearance of the female idol and assumed that the group did not need anyone else.

Miyeon was once opposed by other members of (G) I-DLE

(G) I-DLE used to not want Miyeon to join the group, however, things have changed.  Now, the girls are delighted that the 1997-born female idol is an important part of (G) I-DLE.  Minnie also thinks the group will be in trouble and that would be bad for them if Miyeon didn’t join the group.

Then, Miyeon said that she understood how her teammates felt when someone was added to (G) I-DLE right before their debut.  But now, Miyeon is happy because they are both close.

Miyeon was once opposed by other members of (G) I-DLE

Miyeon left YG Entertainment in 2015. Two years later, she joined CUBE and officially debuted in 2018. Before that, the other members of (G) I-DLE had originally practiced together as a group.  Miyeon became the last to be added because the company wanted this girl group to have a Korean main vocal.

At first, she was judged to not stand out even though she was the main vocalist.  However, she is getting more and more attention because of her outstanding visual and impressive singing skills.  Until now, she has become an important part of (G) I-DLE.

Miyeon was once opposed by other members of (G) I-DLE

Sources: kenh14

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