Miyawaki Sakura was escorted by BTS’ bodyguards when she arrived in Korea

When Miyawaki Sakura (former member of IZ*ONE) entered Korea, it was confirmed that she was escorted by HYBE’s security team.

Miyawaki Sakura

Miyawaki Sakura landed at Incheon International Airport to enter Korea at 7 pm on August 27. The female idol wore a tight mask and black hat and took the time to take pictures and participate in a short interview with reporters present at the airport.

The security team that escorted Sakura today was once hired by HYBE to protect BTS.

Currently, many people think that Miyawaki Sakura is about to sign an exclusive contract with HYBE.

During the entry process, the bodyguards protected Sakura extremely strictly. They tried their best to prevent the crowd of fans and tried to help the singer move to the car safely.

Miyawaki Sakura

It is known that 3 former contestants Miyawaki Sakura, Kim Chae Won (IZ*ONE), and Heo Yoon Jin from Produce 48 have all signed exclusive contracts with HYBE’s subsidiary Source Music.

Regarding this, HYBE’s side shared very briefly, “We cannot confirm any information regarding the preparation for the debut and about the individual exclusive contracts related to the trainees. ours”.

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