Jung Jinhyung, Mix&Match Trainee, Rumored Ex-lover of (G)I-DLE Miyeon, Accused Of Being A Scholl Bully

This is not the first time Jung Jinhyung has been caught up in a bullying rumor.

A netizen (temporarily known as X) who claims to be an old classmate in 8th grade at Sangmyung Middle School recently accused singer Jung Jinhyung of bullying.  Accordingly, X was beaten by Jung Jinhyung when he first started at the school. For no reason, he bullied, beat, and cursed X’s parents. Jung Jinhyung‘s group of three is the class bully, publicly bullying X in front of teachers and at school events. If he made X do something and X didn’t obey, X would be beaten.

The classmates gradually isolated X. The days spent at school for this person are monotonous and painful. X could not tell his parents and could only go to school later or leave earlier on purpose. X was bullied even more each time the teacher warned Jinhyeong’s group.

Jung Jinhyung

Before the end of the first year, Jinhyung was involved in a sexual harassment scandal, which was later dug up when Jinhyeong joined Mix&Match. This incident caused the male idol to transfer to another school. X added that he is not the only victim of Jung Jinhyung and will add relevant information later. X attached the album and graduation certificate from Sangmyung Middle School as a confirmation that he was not lying.

Jung Jinhyung

In the past, when Jinhyung participated in “Mix & Match” for the opportunity to become an iKON member, he was accused by a netizen of smoking, drinking, and sexually harassing minors. However, only smoking images were discovered at the time, and the rest of the allegations were dropped due to a lack of evidence. There are also rumors that he is a trainee who was caught in a dating rumor with Miyeon, which made Miyeon have to leave YG later. However, neither YG, Miyeon nor Jinhyung have confirmed or denied this rumor so far. 

After being eliminated from “Mix & Match” in 2014, Jung Jin Hyeong received an invitation to participate in “Produce 101” season 2, but he declined because he wanted to focus on activities as a solo artist. 3 years later, the male idol signed with S.F.R Entertainment, officially releasing his own products in 2017 and 2019 respectively, but did not receive attention. Currently, Jung Jin Hyung is a member of FA Crew – a group of freelance musicians, singers, stylists, designers…

Up to now, the male idol has not responded to this allegation.

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