Miss Korea Honey Lee before “One The Woman”: sensitive photo leaked, the “Parasite” controversy

Before being complimented for her performance in “One The Woman”, Honey Lee used to be criticized for her sensitive photo leak at her boyfriend’s house. 

With her impressive comeback with “One The Woman”, Miss Korea Honey Lee is receiving many compliments from the audience.

Honey Lee (also known as Lee Ha Nee), born in 1983. She graduated from Seoul National University and is currently holding a doctorate degree in music. Honey Lee is, at the moment, the Music Director of the Gimhae City Gayageum orchestra.

Honey Lee used to be a YG trainee for a year. She even almost became a part of 2NE1. However, Honey Lee let go of that chance to join the pageant race.

 Honey Lee used to be a YG trainee for a year.
Honey Lee used to be a YG trainee for a year.

She became Miss Korea in 2003, and 3rd runner-up at Miss Universe 2007. Honey Lee was the winner of the beauty vote between all Miss of the planet – Miss Grand Slam.

 "the most beautiful Miss Korea"
“the most beautiful Miss Korea”

After her time studying abroad in the U.S, she returned to South Korea and joined the Korean showbiz. She was a part of many famous movies such as “Tazza 2”, “I Am The King”,…However, she was criticized for her acting. Only for the past 2 years did her career begin to come back.

Honey Lee

Honey Lee and Kim Tae Hee are best friends ever since their time in college. Miss Korea confessed that she was nervous walking around with Kim Tae Hee because the latter was always surrounded by fans. At her wedding, Honey Lee was even the one who caught the bouquet.

Honey Lee

Aside from that, Honey Lee is also known for her relationship with Yoon Kye Sang. They first met at Busan Film Festival in 2012. They were together for quite long and was even considered as one of the most iconic couples of Korea. However, in 2015, Honey Lee’s sensitive photo at her boyfriend’s house got leaked.

Honey Lee
Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang

Their 7-year relationship didn’t end well. They separated ways in 2020. 1 year later, Yoon Kye Sang announced his marriage to a businesswoman.

Honey Lee Parasite

Her latest scandal was when Honey Lee was criticized for hogging the attention after she uploaded a photo taken with the golden statue and the “Parasite” team. She then immediately uploaded an apology: “I just wanted to congratulate my seniors and colleagues. Sorry for upsetting everyone. One more time, I want to sincerely congratulate people for making the Korean film history.”

After many years, Honey Lee is still considered “the most beautiful Miss Korea”.

Sources: afamily

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