Miss Korea and Lee Min Ho’s on-screen mother Kim Sung Ryung: Happy marriage to rich husband, became a parent through adoption

Here’s what you may not know about beauty queen-turned-actress Kim Sung Ryung.

Kim Sung Ryung is perhaps most known among international audiences for her role as Lee Min Ho’s mother in the popular 2013 drama “The Heirs”. Before acting, she actually started out as a beauty queen. She won Miss Korea in 1988 and went on to represent Korea in the international beauty pageant Miss Universe in 1989. 

kim sung ryung
Kim Sung Ryung in her 50s 

Kim Sung Ryung was born in 1967. She is not only beautiful but also has an impressive academic background. She studied at the education department of the Ewha Women’s University, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Inha University of Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Film from Kyung Hee University and a Master in Marketing from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Graduate School of Business.

kim sung ryung
At the age of 21, Kim Sung Ryung was crowned Miss Korea 

With her beauty and background, it comes as no surprise that Kim Sung Ryung was crowned the winner of Miss Korea 1988 and began pursuing an acting career after that.

Kim Sung Ryung has been active in the entertainment industry since 1991. She doesn’t land many lead roles, but with her gorgeous looks and natural acting, she still succeeds in leaving an impression on the audiences in supporting roles. Kim Sung Ryung also became the first Miss Korea to appear on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival.

kim sung ryung lee min ho
Kim Sung Ryung and Lee Min Ho in “The Heirs” 
kim sung ryung lee min ho
The two are also close in real life 
kim sung ryung
Kim Sung Ryung on the red carpet of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

In addition to a fairly successful career, the beauty also has a dreamlike married life with her rich husband and regularly engages in charity activities. Kim Sung Ryung met Lee Ki Soo, CEO of a leading Korean construction company during a trip with friends.  At the time, Lee Ki Soo didn’t bring any cash. His wallet was full of checks. He was wearing all expensive clothes and watches.

kim sung ryung - lee ki soo
Kim Sung Ryung’s husband is the ideal family man

However, what made Kim Sung Ryung fall in love with Lee Ki Soo was not his money, but his personality. In an interview, Kim Sung Ryung complimented her husband, saying he is a responsible, sweet, and considerate man who takes good care of her and their children. 

Not long after they met, the two tied the knot and Kim Sung Ryung gave birth to two sons, Lee Chan Young and Lee Jun Ho. The actress also revealed that during her pregnancy, her husband was always by her side to look after her. After giving birth to each child, she was even rewarded with 100 million won by her husband.

kim sung ryung
Kim Sung Ryung’s two handsome sons 

Besides her two biological sons, Kim Sung Ryung also adopted a daughter in Vietnam named Thom and provided for her for more than 10 years. Thom’s family is very poor. Thom lived with her grandmother in a house without electricity, his parents work far away, and struggled every day to make ends meet.

kim sung ryung
Kim Sung Ryung and Thom broke down when they met again after 10 years 

Talking about her decision to become Thom’s mother through adoption, Kim Sung Ryung said: “The memory of the moment I first met Thom 10 years ago is still vivid in my mind. With just one look, I could recognize Thom among the children. When I looked at the baby, I suddenly burst into tears. Because I didn’t want to show my crying appearance, it took me a while to regain my composure and then came in front of Thom. That innocent child held my hand and led me through the village…

I thought that I wanted to give the baby a dream, so I became Thom’s second family. I promised a long-term provision so that Thom could grow up strong. On the day of my departure, I waved my hand and promised Thom: ‘I will come back to find you in 10 years’, and told her to never give up hope and try her best to live a good life!”

kim sung ryung
Kim Sung Ryung and her adopted daughter 

Currently, Thom has grown up. She even got married and became a mother. For Thom, Kim Sung Ryung became the hope and motivation for her to continue moving towards. When she went to Vietnam to visit Thom, Kim Sung Ryung also adopted 5 more children with the same situation as Thom and helped them grow up day by day.

kim sung ryung
kim sung ryung
At the age of 55, Kim Sung Ryung is still a hardworking and respectable actress 

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