The miserable life of Korean veteran actress Jang Mi Hee and her spectacular comeback after 20 years

Used to be listed among the industry’s highest paid actresses, Jang Mi Hee had her career destroyed during its peak. She got herself into trouble after being involved in a relationship with a married businessman.

Over the last few years, a series of dark sides of Korean showbiz has been brutally exposed by the media. Behind the glamor of the powerful entertainment empires are the controversies and grievances of countless celebrities in the industry.

jang mi hee life

One of the actresses who went through an extremely tough time because of the harshness of the entertainment industry is Jang Mi Hee. She used to be a dominant actress thanks to her top beauty and talent. She was even dubbed the goddess, the beauty symbol of Korean showbiz at the time. Unfortunately, as a famous Chinese saying goes, “beautiful women suffer unhappy fates”, Jang Mi Hee is a typical example of when she went through many hardships and misfortunes in life.

A beauty icon with a successful career, who used to be one of the highest paid actresses in Korea 

With a stunning appearance since her youth, at the age of 17, Jang Mi Hee was discovered and recruited by the Korean commercial TV station TBC. Thanks to her natural-born talent, after only a year of practice, from a girl who was not properly trained in acting, Jang Mi Hee overcame nearly 1000 opponents and received the opportunity to play the female lead in the romance movie Seong Chun Hyang.

jang mi hee young

Thanks to the film’s great success, Jang Mi Hee became well-known and loved by the public. The actress then made an impression through many other popular works such as Fashion King, Black Knight, Unkind Women, Madame Antoine, etc. Jang Mi Hee also received many valuable awards. Her acting is acknowledged by the industry’s experts. In the 1980s, Jang Mi Hee was the highest-paid A-list actress in the Korean entertainment industry. She was also favorably given the title “Korea’s beauty icon” by the press. 

jang mi hee life
The actress’s beauty when she was young 

After becoming famous, Jang Mi Hee still made great efforts in expanding her education. Not only did she work hard to improve her acting skills, she also studied directing and got a Master’s degree at the Hawthorne University in America.

The nightmare when dating a wealthy man: Being tortured by the wife, locked up naked for 5 days, and losing the ability to become a mother

As a beautiful and popular actress, Jang Mi Hee was pursued by many men, from well-known businessmen to colleagues in the industry. A rich and famous Korean businessman, even though he already had a family, was attracted to Jang Mi Hee. Despite their huge age gap of 26 years, the married businessman still managed to win the heart of Jang Mi Hee. He often took her to attend major events, which enraged his wife and caused her to come up with ways to harm the actress.

jang mi hee life
Jang Mi Hee’s beauty back in the day made many people fall in love with her 

Having a rich and powerful family background, the wife decided to teach Jang Mi Hee a “lifetime lesson”. In November 1981, while filming a KBS1 drama, Jang Mi Hee was abducted. What’s more terrifying is that the actress was forced to undergo surgery to remove her uterus. She then lost the ability to become a mother. Jang Mi Hee was also locked up naked with a man for 5 days. This incident shocked the entire industry and the public at the time.

Jang Mi Hee was constantly interviewed by the Korean press, but she always denied the rumors, and swiftly opted to leave to the United States to study abroad, terminating her career at its pinnacle. Then, netizens claimed that the actress went abroad to avoid retaliation.

jang mi hee life
jang mi hee life
The Sohu site reported, “Jang Mi Hee was forced to remove her uterus and was locked up naked with a man for 5 days.”

It was thought that Jang Mi Hee’s abduction would remain a mystery for the rest of her life, but 7 years later, the movie “Seoul Rainbow” drew notice by recreating the story of Jang Mi Hee and her wealthy lover. The film astounded the audience by exposing the horrible underbelly of Korean entertainment.

jang mi hee life
“Seoul Rainbow”

Returning to Kbiz after 20 years and living a lonely life at the age of 63

Jang Mi Hee returned to Korea in 2004, after spending 20 years hiding in the States. She has made many drama comebacks. Although her fame is no longer the same as it once was, and she can only play supporting roles, the actress still captivated audiences with her delicate acting skills and received the KBS “Favorite Actress” award in 2008.

jang mi hee life

At the age of 63, this actress is still single and has opted not to get married. Many people thought that her inability to open up to anybody else was due to prior misery. She also has no intention of adopting a kid. Jang Mi Hee has chosen to live a solitary, peaceful, and secretive life till now, after a series of incidents.

jang mi hee life

Although her reputation is no longer the same as in the peak period of her career, Jang Mi Hee is still dedicated to acting and actively engaged in other activities. Notably, the Korean actress still looks as gorgeous and graceful as before.

jang mi hee life
jang mi hee life

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