Minhyuk (Monsta X) is having a crush on Wendy (Red Velvet), the two can even be dating?

This information quickly attracted attention from netizens

Recently, Kpop fans were surprised to hear that Wendy (Red Velvet) is dating Minhyuk (Monsta X). Accordingly, speculations about the couple arose from the broadcast of a radio program.

On March 13th, a YouTube channel specializing in posting controversies and news from Korean idols named “Sojang” shared a new video titled, “Only the fans knew about this relationship love signal”. The clip reveals details showing that Wendy (Red Velvet) and Minhyuk (Monsta X) are dating or have feelings for each other. Things are said to have started on an occasion when the Starship boy group participated in a radio show with Wendy as a guest MC.

According to “Sojang”, the Monsta X member did not hesitate to show his affection for Wendy throughout the show. When asked about what he usually does before going to bed, Minhyuk suddenly confided, “Every day I simply lie in bed and scroll through my phone. However from now on, I will listen to Wendy’s radio show” After the male idol said, the atmosphere of the recording session suddenly became awkward. Both Red Velvet members and Monsta X boys could not hide their embarrassment.

monsta x wendy
Monsta X participated in Wendy’s radio show, which is said to be the starting point of the couple’s relationship.

Besides, fans also discovered that during the broadcast, Minhyuk seemed to have his heart fluttered and put all his focus on the “Like Water” singer only. Even when taking souvenir photos at the end of the program, the male idol took the initiative to stand next to Wendy. Many opinions indicate that this couple’s relationship is very similar to the previous love story of IU and musician Jang Ki Ha. At that time, the owner of the hit “Lilac” also participated in Jang Ki Ha’s radio show as a guest. It was also the fateful meeting that brought them together. Therefore, fans believe that Minhyuk must have fallen in love with Wendy here, hence the two may also be dating.

monsta x minhyuk awendy
Minhyuk not only showed his affection but also took the initiative to stand next to Wendy when taking pictures.

At the moment, it’s all just speculation by fans, and the two artists’ management companies have not yet commented on the above information. On the other hand, on March 21st, Red Velvet will officially come back with the mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm”.

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