Mina (TWICE) gains attention with black hair

Thought Mina only reached the peak of beauty in blond hair, but she proved she can shine brightly with black hair.

Mina (Twice) is receiving the attention of Korean network users.  Netizens praised her outstanding appearance in black hair.  In the summer of 2020, the Japanese idol used to cause a “storm” with her blonde hair. She had had an unbelievable change in her charisma. At that time, fans believed that blonde-era was the peak beauty of the Japanese idol.  However, after changing to black hair color, Mina proved that the female idol is still in the peak stage of her visual regardless of her hairstyle.

The images of Mina in the Japanese MV Kura Kura or in the reality show Time for Twice made fans admire.  She used to have dark hair for a long time, but the current female idol’s aura has increased dramatically.  With the same black hairstyle, Mina of the years 2016-2017 gave a gentle and dignified impression, while the current Mina has a much sharper, more confident and luxurious beauty.

In the MV Kura Kura released on April 21, Mina attracted attention thanks to her attractive figure and noble aura.

Fans are crazy about Mina’s beauty.

Some comments: “I thought she was the prettiest in blond hair, but now I see her suits black hair too”;  “She used to have black hair in the past, but now Mina is much more mature and attractive”;  “It was only after a few years that she became a different person. Unexpectedly she could fit this concept so well”;  “I hope she has black hair in the next comeback” …

Mina’s mysterious charm at the airport on April 19.

In the reality show Time for Twice season 2, the Japanese idol attracted attention thanks to her luxurious and powerful appearance as a true female CEO.

Since changing her hair color to black, the female idol has surprised fans by being so beautiful.

Her seductive charisma in an online concert in March.
Previously, TWICE’s member used to stick with black hair color and a gentle and pure image.
Black-hair Mina: before and now

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