Mina Kwon (former AOA member) got her new tattoos

Former AOA member Mina released new tattoos after a series of controversies surrounding the female idol and former leader – Jimin

On May 8th, singer and actor Kwon Mina posted two photos on her Instagram with a caption saying, “Inscribe what you want to say to me. There are few places I can’t see now.”

In the published photo, Kwon Mina has two tattoos engraved on her body.  The drawing and writing under her shoulder and back are very eye-catching.

Meanwhile, Kwon Mina debuted in the entertainment industry in 2012 as a member of AOA.  Recently, she said that she wanted to talk to Jimin, who was the leader when she revealed more about the bullying case in AOA.

NaRecently, the female idol’s psychological condition has deteriorated. She often harms herself or tries to kill herself. She has repeatedly posted on Instagram pictures of her bloody hand after trying to cut her wrists. SNS posts also show that her mind is in a mess and in need of mental help.

Source: Nate

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