Mina and Chaeyoung (TWICE) were injured because of filming the MV in the sand

Despite their injuries, the two TWICE members still tried to dance their best to give fans the perfect MV.

In an interview after TWICE’s comeback with the MV “I Can’t Stop Me”, Mina once confided that she was injured during the filming, but the truth is that the female idol was not the only one injured. When JYP released the behind-the-scenes video on TWICE TV, fans were surprised because Chaeyoung was also injured when filming the choreography at the end of the song. 

In the final scene of I Can’t Stop Me, TWICE performed the choreography on a colorful cliff. To make the background more eye-catching, the production crew even poured sand on the floor. Initially, the girls were very excited to see that all the sand around, Mina even knelt down to play.

The moment they started dancing, however, they realized that the sand actually hindered their movements. They danced to the best of their abilities even if the floor was slippery.

Only after filming did Mina let the pain show on her face. Unfortunately, she had hurt her knees because of the intense choreography and the sand scattered on the floor. 

Then Mina said that she and Chaeyoung were both injured, their knees bled a lot because they “danced too hard”. The female idol said: “Chaeyoung and I danced too hard, and we hurt our knees. They bled. We have scratches on our knees like when we were young”. 

For Chaeyoung, it was all worth it. The main rapper of TWICE confided: “Synching the moves were hard since there are nine of us. We did our best, and I’m happy with the result”.

Despite the pain, Chaeyoung and Mina stop smiling. They even continued with the filming of their group dance. The fans admired the girls’ professionalism.

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