“Military Prosecutor Doberman” starring Ahn Bo-hyun and Jo Bo-ah recorded high viewer ratings of 8.1% in first episode

The drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” starring Ahn Bo-hyun and Jo Bo-ah, has finally been broadcast.

tvN’s “Military Prosecutor Doberman”, which first aired on February 28th, recorded an average of 5.9% and a maximum of 8.1% in viewer ratings in metropolitan areas based on Nielsen Korea. The drama’s average national ratings was 5.3%, and the highest was 7%.

Ahn Bo-hyun

In the first episode of “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” Doberman (Ahn Bo-hyun) was tempted by law firm Law And One’s CEO Yong Moon-gu (Kim Young-min) and became a military prosecutor receiving black money.

Cha Woo-in (played by Jo Bo-ah) was the daughter of a chaebol, but she lost her father and became a military prosecutor to seek revenge.

Jo Bo-ah

Cha Woo-in is a righteous person who begins to create a new wind of justice based on the code of law, not a top-down and a bottom-up in the military courts that weigh terrible practices and vertical hierarchies.

After serving five years as a military prosecutor in the military and being discharged from the military, Doberman received an offer from Yong Moon-gu to become a partner lawyer for Law And One. He asked the newly appointed Cha Woo-in not to make any trouble until he is discharged from the military.

As such, Doberman and Cha Woo-in drew viewers’ interest from the first broadcast with conflicting values.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” depicts the story of Doberman and Cha Woo-in joining hands to break through the black and rotten evil in the military and grow into real military prosecutors.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Many are focusing their attention on whether “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” which has captured the viewers’ attention and made a good start from its first broadcast with a fresh genre of military court life, will continue to gain popularity.

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