MBC Show Champion stated that EXO’s comeback with OT9 would be impossible, raising a lot of anger

The statement has made EXO’s fans extremely angry.

Recently, the organization board of MBC Show Champion live in Manila has released EXO‘s confidential information in response to fan questions, causing a lot of criticism. The program was not only rude to the fans, but also revealed the members’ personal information. Moreover, they also claimed that they had only received passports from eight Korean members, indirectly confirming that it would be impossible for EXO to come back with OT9.

It is because Lay kept being absent from EXO’s Korean activities in the past, a part of the EXO-L community decided to support OT8 or even asked the Chinese member to leave the group soon. Therefore, the fact that this information has been spread out in a television program is making EXO-L extremely angry. Some fans even have asked SM to boycott the show.

Netizens all support EXO-L at this time.

“Did they say that Lay woul not act with EXO any more? It is rubbish”
“SM has not spoken up yet, what rights do they have?”
“SM please take EXO back and do not let them go there again”

At present, the organizers have apologized to EXO and the fans.

However, to EXO-L, it is not easy to forgive this action. This is a lesson for event organizers about the professionalism in organizing and running the program.

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