Mark shed tears yesterday on the news of his graduation from NCT Dream

NCT Mark graduated from NCT Dream. Fans, as well as the members themselves were very disappointed and parted.

NCT Dream held the “NCT Dream Show #2” at SM Town Theater Coex Artium Center in Samseong-dong, Seoul on December 5th.

The concert was the last day Mark worked as a member of NCT Dream. It is because NCT Dream is a youth union, Mark, when being over 19 years old, could no longer be with it.

Mark tried to smile and said how he felt, but he couldn’t stop crying. The forced suppression of tears looking up to the sky made fans so sad.

“When I first met NCT Dream members when I was a trainee, I was a little sad when I made my debut with NCT first,” he said. “And when I made my debut with NCT Dream after coming in, I thought, ‘Oh, that might be better (to make a debut)’,” he said, referring to his deep friendship with NCT Dream members.

He stressed that he is not that sad. “Sadly sad, but it could be better for everyone. “I’m very grateful for loving NCT Dream last time, and that’s all I can do to get a good graduation,” she said.

The members gave us their oldest brother Mark and ended it with a warm hug. We can feel that NCT Dream members’ friendship is very close.

Source: Dispatch

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