Mark (GOT7) uploaded the first video on his personal YouTube channel, the content of the video has touched fans’ hearts

Mark (GOT7) had his impressive debut as a YouTube vlogger. 

At the beginning of January, Kpop fans were stunned and regretted by the news that all 7 members of GOT7 left JYP Entertainment at the same time.  Each member in turn has a new direction for themselves.  In particular, Mark decided to return to the US with his family, create his own YouTube channel before making the next decisions in his career. Worth mentioning, Mark even set a record for reaching the golden button of YouTube, although he has not uploaded any clips.

On February 6, the male idol’s YouTube channel uploaded the first video titled “a new beginning …”.  This video quickly attracted the attention of netizens, earning nearly 3 million views in just 1 day.  In this video, Mark packed his luggage, left his beloved house, walked across the familiar street, said goodbye to all 6 members, officially left Korea to board a plane back to America.  This also marked the moment when GOT7 is no longer a complete group.

However, the happiest thing was that JB, Jackson, and Yugyeom came to say goodbye to Mark directly, while Jinyoung, BamBam, and Youngjae couldn’t come so they talked via video call.  The 7-minute video also touched GOT7’s fan community in particular and Kpop fans in general.  The appearance of the members on Mark’s farewell day warmed the fans, adding more confidence that GOT7 will forever be 7 members.  Fans hope the group will reunite in the near future.

After 7 years living in Korea, Mark was finally able to return to his family in the US
Mark looked back at the familiar house before leaving. JB, Jackson and Yugyeom came to say goodbye to Mark directly.  Members who could not come also called Mark

Jackson will definitely miss Mark’s puppy too

This scene made fans feel touched by the members’ close relationship

At the airport, there were also many fans and reporters coming to say goodbye to Mark

When he landed in the US, Mark was also warmly welcomed by fans
When he landed in the US, Mark was also warmly welcomed by fans
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