“Marine Corps” P.O delivered first vacation status… He lost a lot of weight

P.O, who enlisted in the Marine Corps, gave fans updates on his first vacation.

On August 6th, two photos were uploaded on P.O‘s official Instagram, which is operated by his agency, with the caption “Soldier Jihoon sent us photos as soon as he started his first vacation. You’re so proud of our Jihoon, right?”

The photos showed P.O wearing a military uniform. P.O was holding a bouquet of flowers on the railroad. P.O, who seems to have lost weight, boasted a dignified visual. On the other hand, he made viewers smile with his unique playful expression.

Fans cheered on P.O with reactions such as “I’m glad you look healthy”, “You’re so amazing” and “You did a great job.”

Meanwhile, P.O entered the Marine Corps Education and Training Group located in Pohang in March and completed basic Marine Corps training for 7 weeks. He was assigned to the Marine Corps headquarters in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do last June and is currently serving as a member of the military band.

Source: nate

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