Many famous names are involved in Seungri’s sex scandal groupchat which shared illegal hidden camera footage

A series of celebrities appeared in the sex trafficking conversation along with Seungri (Big Bang).

According to Yonhapnews, at 11:00 this morning (KST), the police has carried out a thorough search in club Arena and found many data which are related to the accusation of Seungri provides prostitute services for business partners and mafias. The police also found out recently that many celebrity names also appeared in the chatroom and are involved in this sex trafficking situation. These celebrities will also be investigated.

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Apart from this, at 14:30 yesterday (March 10th KST), Seungri was officially listed as a suspect for sex trafficking. The police is now waiting for an arrest warrant and had already searched through the related adult club.

SBS funE once again shook the entire industry by revealing a series of messages to accuse Seungri and 2 other male singers of using hidden cameras to illegally record other people’s sex activities. A source from the police said: “In the series of messages which were sent to the police, more than 10 hidden video and photos were found. They were uploaded onto Seungri’s chatroom with other male celebrities.”

Specifically, Mr. Kim is a staff of club ARENA who helped Seungri managed his business. According to the source, Kim had sent a series of photos and videos to the chatroom of 8 people (Seungri, 2 male singers, Yoo CEO of Yuri Holdings and some others) at 20:42, January 9th 2016. The messages said:

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Mr. Kim: (sent photo and video).
Seungri: Who is this haha.
Seungri: Oh isn’t this X. Hahaha.
Mr. Kim: Hahaha.
Mr. Kim: This is that girl who talks a lot.
Mr. Kim: (Sent photo)
Mr. Kim: (Sent photo)
Mr. Kim: (Sent photo)
Mr. X (the male in the video): Hahaha.

Many sources had said that: “The females in all those videos seemed unawared of the fact that they were being filmed. Most of the girls were drunk and couldn’t recall the situation.

For the past 10 years in showbiz, many prostitution line of celebrity were caught. In 2016, female idol G.NA shocked the entire Asia entertainment industry after she was suspected of involving in a prostitute service for rich men. After proving that she was trapped and was only simply meeting the guys, G.NA still has to put a stop to her career and disappeared because the public has boycotted her. This is the reason why netizens are not surprised by this newest update about Seungri’s scandals. The public is furiously asking the police to reveal the related to avoid any wrong rumours that are spreading around.

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