MAMAMOO SolarXHwasa show off their femme fatale charms

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and Solar have gained attention for their exceptional wardrobe choice.

They attended the ‘2018 MAMA in Japan’ at Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on the 12th. It’s a night with a variety of performances.

Solar did a pole dance performance and caught the audience’s eye with her slim body line. Her charm was outstanding and refreshing.

Hwasa wore a very tight, glossy outfit. Her one-piece fashion surprised the audience.

This is not the only shocking fashion choice of the two members. From Chun-li inspired outfit to the lingerie and the garter belt, everything fitted perfectly with the two artists.

Their different charms left a deep impression. Solar has strong abs and straight long legs while Hwasa takes pride in her S-line curves.

Let’s take a look at Solar and Hwasa‘s femme fatale charm through the photos below.

Source: Dispatch

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