MAMA Nominations 2017: Why Mnet “forgot” BigBang, Winner, BlackPink again?

Products and groups worthy to be nominated were not in the list while unexpected names appeared. MAMA was extremely surprising this year. Especially, there was very few YG idols to be nominated “alarmingly”.

After MAMA 2017 Nomination Categories were announced, while other fandoms kept voting for their idols without any hesitation, YG groups’ fans seemed to be…a lot more leisurely because there were not many nomination categories for them to vote. Let’s take a look at some names which were kicked out from the nomination list although they deserved it.

1. Big Bang disappeared from the nomination categories

big bang, mama 2016, mnet award

[Big Bang has always been the hateful child of MAMA?]

Big Bang’s disappearance disappointed a lot of people. The reason was, before they maintained their solo careers and got ready for the army, Big Bang had an emotional comeback with 2 songs named “F**k it” and “Last Dance” at the end of 2016 (10 days after MAMA 2016).

Before, IU was still nominated when she released the song “Good Day” at the end of the year, but this time Mnet decided to… ignore Big Bang even though “F**k it” was a hit in the first 3 months of 2017.

2. Winner was not nominated as The Best Male Group

YG, WINNER KPOP, mama 2017, really really

[Winner successfully came back with 4 members.]

This has been an outstandingly successful year of Winner after they came back with 4 members, 2 high-quality comebacks and 4 “hot” songs. Among those songs, “Really Really” and “Fool” were the top 2 songs with highest rates which became a phenomenon in the middle of the year. Moreover, Winner worked very hard, which helped to spread their images in all social media. Everyone could see their efforts and wonderful comeback performances, but this YG male group seemed not to be highly valued by MAMA 2017, so they didn’t appear on the nomination list.

YG, WINNER KPOP, mama 2017, really really

[No one can deny the success of Winner, except for Mnet!]

Meanwhile, Wanna One has just been nominated as New Best Male Group and Best Male Group again. This award was too big for them because they were still a very young group with a short working time though they successfully created a media effect from Produce 101. Nu’est W who was also famous from Produce 101 was on the list, too. According to many fans, besides BTS and EXO, Winner deserved to be on the list than others.
What made fans angry was that, all comments questioning about this were deleted and even blocked by Mnet.

YG, WINNER KPOP, BIG BANG, mama 2017, really really

[Don’t be sad, Winner! Even Big Bang had no nominations!]

3. Black Pink was not nominated as “Best MV”.

The MV “As If It’s Your Last” of Black Pink deserved to be the most invested MV of the year. With 166 million views, being in top 25 most-watched MVs in the world within 24 hours, catchy melody and elaborate filming, Black Pink and their comeback with “As If It’s Your Last” were extremely successful in all battles.

However, the MV which has been talked about for half of this year did not appear in the nomination list. Instead, “Power” of EXO and “Signal” of Twice were on the list even though they were valued as the most ordinary and least special of EXO and Twice.

Mnet still decided to “cut ties” with YG anyways?

In 2016, YG declared that their idol would not join MAMA 2016. This was seen as an answer for those unclear nominations from Music Shows towards YG idols.

In fact, to YG, this was normal because every year, MAMA always had a reason to kick out their idols from the nomination list or changed their criterions to disqualify YG. Same thing happened in weekly music shows of other TV channels such as banning YG artist from being on TV, or changing their votes…

Nevertheless, fans still encouraged one another that the recognition from the audience was always the most important part. Apart from questions for YG artists, MAMA 2017 still had a number of mistakes in other nominations categories.

Was MAMA 2017 proving that G-Dragon’s ironic rap lyric was true, when they “share the awards for everyone?” so that everyone would finally had their turn, which ruined the quality of an award which used to be the dream of a lot of artists?

Source: YAN TV

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