MAMA 2018’s Controversies: Sunmi lipsynced, unprofessional film crew, salty rapper

MAMA this year included many great performances, but also came with so many scandals.

The 2018 MAMA Awards were officially closed after attracting much attention from media. Like every year, 2018 MAMA has brought fans unforgettable moments but also controversies after it ended.

This year, MAMA’s organizers have made the viewers “overwhelmed” with high-quality performances with strong investment. However, it is impossible not to mention the controversies regarding the operation of MAMA, which is also a common thing when talking about the award ceremony.

Foreign singers sang live, while Korean idols are becoming more professional at lipsyncing

First of all, for performance quality, it’s not hard to realize that many idol groups/singers lipsynced in this year’s MAMA. While foreign singers attempted to sing live, for example, Orange from Vietnam who has received praise for her live singing, Korean audiences are not really satisfied with the performances from popular K-POP singers.

Sunmi had obviously lip-synced in her “Siren” performance.

Netizens said that Sunmi was the singer who had obviously lip-synced in her performance at MAMA 2018. Even though Sunmi received “Best Solo Female Artist”, her stage still didn’t convince the audience.

Some netizens commented: “She even lip-sync on that stage”, “It was so obvious that she lip-sync. Seeing her sexy moves while lip-syncing was ridiculous”, “She didn’t even care that she was lip-syncing. At the last part she didn’t even care to move her lips”, “Idols like TWICE and Sunmi doesn’t have enough talent to sing live. Have they ever sung live? Are their awards well-deserved? Such a bunch of goldfish!”,…

The rapper who has just been released out of prison performed on MAMA stage

2018 MAMA shocked the audiences when inviting a rapper with private life scandal to the stage. It’s known that E-Sens has been repeatedly looked into by the police because of the use of marijuana. He had been in jail for a year and six months for smoking marijuana before and during probation.

E-Sens‘s stage at Hong Kong’s MAMA 2018 is his first comeback after his release from prison. The appearance of the male rapper has made netizens angry, claiming that the organizers for MAMA were crazy when inviting E-Sens.

SEVENTEEN serious camera trouble

As mentioned before, Mnet has a knack for stage theatrical and post-production handling. But the filming team did not do really well with the expectations of the audience. The incident occurred in the performance of SEVENTEEN when the Pledis boys brought a show full of fire. But due to camera malfunction, some segments of the group became a scene shot from above. There was even a scene where the camera was lagged and … did not know where to shoot.

SEVENTEEN’s stage with a series of technical problems

Fans of the group are extremely upset with Mnet’s camera malfunction: “MAMA is famous for poor filming and constant broadcast problems … I do not understand how they can still hold in three different countries each year? … Why can not do nicely even once? “,” If the cameramen do not know how to shoot the performance, then just put the camera in the middle. What is all that mess?”, …

Rapper criticized organizers for being too dependant on idols

After the final night at 2018 MAMA  in Hong Kong, Swings has uploaded a video of the hip-hop stage at the ceremony. This famous rapper said: “Truthfully speaking, once again I realized there’s nothing impossible whenever I look at this person. This must be the most glorious stage from an award show that only focuses on idols.”

This post of Swings has been dubbed as looking down on MAMA and idols who were there. Right after that, Swings deleted his post. Some agree with Swings that MAMA would be nothing without its idol line-up.

Source: Tinnhac

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