MAMA 2018 voting results: This can be the result of MAMA 2018 if decided by K-pop fans!

The final round of voting for the award ceremony was closed and artists with the most supporters of the awards also came out.

From November 1st to December 9th, the MAMA 2018 Awards hosted an online poll for 18 categories of awards. Fans can vote for their favorite nominees every day. The number of votes will be converted to 20-30% of the final result, depending on the awards specified by MAMA.

MAMA 2018 results: This can be the result of MAKA 2018 if decided by K-pop fans!

With a total of 10,942,117 valid votes, the following 18 nominees were excelled in first place after more than 5 weeks of voting by MAMA 2018.

Best New Male Artist: Stray Kids – 49,10% votes

Best New Female Artist: (G)I-DLE – 51,91% votes

Best Male Group: BTS – 44,27% votes

Best Female Group: TWICE – 30,72% votes

Best Male Artist: Zico – 35,97% votes

Best Female Artist: IU – 42,19% votes

Best Dance Performance Solo: Sunmi “Siren” – 39,07% votes

Best Dance Performance Male Group: BTS “Fake Love” – 44,20% votes

Best Dance Performance Female Group: TWICE “What Is Love?” – 32,96% votes

Best Vocal Performance Solo: Heize “Didn’t Know Me” – 36,61% votes

Best Vocal Performance Group: MAMAMOO “Starry Night” – 36,87% votes

Best Band Performance: DAY6 “Shoot me” – 55,38% votes

Best Hip-Hop & Urban Music: Zico “Soulmate” (ft. IU) – 29,69% votes

Best Unit: Wanna One Triple Position “Kangaroo” – 36,02% votes

Best Music Video): BTS “IDOL” – 42,63% votes

Best OST: SEVENTEEN “A-TEEN” – 34,02% votes

Song of the Year: BTS “Fake Love” – 38,06% votes

Artist of the Year: BTS – 38,84% votes

After almost 1.5 months of the stressful vote, let’s wait to see whether the public expectations will coincide with the award honored by the organizers!

MAMA 2018 results: This can be the result of MAKA 2018 if decided by K-pop fans!

MAMA 2018 will officially kick off tomorrow with a rookie awards night held in Seoul, South Korea on Dec. 10th.

Source: Tinnhac

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