MAMA 2017: Though audiences criticized and boycotted, they still watched it!

Although this was not the main show of MAMA 2017, it seemed that the show this year had more positive signals than last year.

MAMA is almost going to an end. Tonight, the last show which is also the main one of this award will be held in Hong Kong. After this show, the most important awards will reveal their winners. Besides that, the audiences are very excited to watch amazing performances of their idols.


With all of the awards which were already given, MAMA 2017 deserves to be one of the most controversial music awards this year. Arguments related to evaluation criteria, performance stages…were and are hot topics on the newspaper as well as online forum. However, will these scandals reduce the attractiveness of the show to the audiences again?

According to the statistic from Korean Nielsen, among 10 most watched TV show on 29 Nov, MAMA 2017 in Japan ranked sixth and seventh. The show was divided into 3 parts. The rating of part 1 was not counted in the top 10 (which means that it was lower than 1.351%)

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The rating of part 2 of MAMA 2017 in Japan reached 1.510%, while part 3’s rating was 1.436%. As a result, the average rating of this show was 1.4%.

Compared to the average rating of MAMA 2016 which was 1.2%, this year, the show obviously has more positive signals. Many people think that, thanks to the heat of TWICE and Wanna One, MAMA’s rating is partly increasing. Moreover, the show in Japan was not the main one, and the show in Hong Kong will probably reach higher rating thanks to the appearance of a serious of famous groups such as EXO and BTS.

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However, this rise of rating shows a strange fact, again. Every season of MAMA, people keep criticizing the show, Mnet as well as their voting system and even state to boycott it. Perhaps, they were just saying, and finally they decided to watch it. It seems that this is also the reason for MAMA to be the most wanted show in year-end though it is the most controversial music award in Kpop.

Moreover, some people believe that, though the rating of this year is higher than last year, it is still very low to a well invested award like this. If compared to other shows whose ratings are also in the top 10 on the same day (only cable TV), we can see that MAMA did not event rank first. The attractiveness of MAMA is even lower than news or sport programs. This is clearly an issue that needs considering, especially when Mnet is dreaming of turning MAMA into “Korean Grammy”.

mama 2017, hong kong, japan, bts, exo, wanna one, twice

In fact, in 2015, with the appearance of Big Bang, MAMA’s rating reached 3%. After that, the disappearance of YG idols made the rating of the show decrease ½ in 2016. In the final night of the show this year, many people say that, it will be very hard for MAMA 2017 to have a positive rating like in 2015 again, because its line-up is lack of a lot of famous names.

mama 2017, hong kong, japan, bts, exo, wanna one, twice

Nevertheless, there will be surely many fans from all over the world that are excited to see their idols on the night of 1 Dec. Let’s stay tuned for the main show of MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong, staring with the red carpet part in this afternoon.

Source: Munnie

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