Male idols who went from cute boys to handsome men right in front of your eyes

These idols debuted in their teenage years and grew into attractive men as time passed by.

Tae Min debuted with SHINee at the age of 14. After 10 years, the adorable boy became a charming, talented young man with overwhelming dance moves on stage.
Min Ho was also only 16 years old when he debuted. From a good-looking, modest guy, Min Ho is now a man with six-packs abs, which makes him a familiar face in the many lists of most handsome K-Pop idols.
Dong Ho officially made his debut at the age of 14 as a member of UKISS. He has a lot of “noona fans” because of his baby face. In 2013, after 5 years of singing and filming, Dong Ho surprised fans when he decided to leave UKISS and live a normal life rather than that of a celebrity. He married in 2015 and is now a handsome young father.
Chang Min was not even 16 years old when he debuted with TVXQ, but he still impressed people with his bright smile in “Hug”. Currently, after 15 years of entering the entertainment industry, Chang Min has shed his immature image and became the top male idol with good looks, masculine lines and model-like height.
Seungri was only 15 when he officially became a Big Bang member. After 10 years, Big Bang’s youngest one does not have much change in appearance, but only more stylish and mature.
Jung Kook debuted at the age of 15, with a baby face and a lovely innocent smile. Now, BTS’s maknae is one of Kpop’s top idols, having a manly appearance, tough personality and charismatic style.
Ji Min was 17 years old when he joined BTS. Cute boy Ji Min had chubby cheeks in the early days of his debut. After losing weight, the boy now becomes more attractive.
BamBam (GOT7) debuted at the age of 16. Although he was still a student, he had the most sophisticated hairstyle among the members. After 4 years of debut, BamBam has a spectacular transformation, becoming more mature and handsome.
Nu’est’s Min Hyun debuted at the age of 17 with a handsome appearance. The boy was born in 1995 and has been in the showbiz for 6 years. Min Hyun’s appearance is different from the others of the group, which is somehow more masculine and attractive with sharper face lines.
Eun Woo debuted with Astro at the age of 16. He immediately became a hot issue due to his appearance like a “school hot boy”. After only 2 years, Eun Woo has had major changes as his look and style is much more mature. He was constantly praised as “The Visual God” according to K-Pop female fans.

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