Male Entertainer’s “Creepy” Comments on aespa’s Winter Greatly Bothered Fans

The remarks and actions of a married male entertainer towards aespa’s Winter is so creepy, it’s grossing fans out.

Recently, the preview for a program featuring veteran comedian Park Myung-soo and aespa’s Winter was released on YouTube, drawing attention. 

In this video, Park Myung-soo can be seen cosplaying as idol-actor Cha Eunwoo and interacting with Winter as if he’s Cha Eunwoo. 

Particular, the final part of the video shows Winter asking Park Myung-soo if being handsome is everything, then putting their heads together and turning towards the camera. At the same time, a caption of “Eunsoo and Min-jeong’s Secret Story” (Eunsoo is the combination of “Myung-soo” and “Eunwoo” and Min-jeong is the real name of Winter”) also popped up, promising more close interactions between Park Myung-soo and Winter.

park myung soo aespa winter

As Winter and Park Myung-soo have an age gap of 30 years, the scene made a lot of fans uncomfortable, and Park Myung-soo’s past comments about Winter only adds fuel to the fire. 

In particular, Park Myung-soo once praised Winter as the most beautiful idol and described the female idol as looking “inhuman”. Additionally, the comedian even revealed that he and his wife had an argument due to him finding Winter pretty.

As a result, many fans started to accuse Park Myung-soo of taking advantage of the new show to “play out his fantasy” with Winter, as the teaser featuring the two has romantic implications.

Comments calling Park Myung-soo “weird” and “creepy” also started to flood up SNS, showing the discomfort of Winter’s fans. 

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