What make audiences more and more addicted to Lisa (Black Pink)!

Lisa is getting more and more attractive, do you know why?

Perfect body shape, flawless beauty without any dead angles are first impressions of Lisa – the foreign idol of Black Pink. However, Lisa couldn’t be loved as this much without these features which helped to create her special attractiveness.


Lisa can dance, rap and sometimes sing with a very cute and pure voice. As the main dancer of the group, she never disappoints their fans because she can dance various styles which are difficult for many people.

Her dancing skill wowed many people even when she hadn’t debuted yet

Though she is an idol, Lisa also does a good job in her photo shootings. Her appearance as well as poses make people think that she is a real model, sometimes.

blackpink, lisa, funny, momment
blackpink, lisa, funny, momment
blackpink, lisa, funny, momment
blackpink, lisa, funny, momment

Happy “vitamin”

It’s not hard for us to see a cute, innocent and natural Lisa. It’s a lie to say that human are never sad or do not know what sorrows are!

So does Lisa. She also faces difficulties in her life like many other people, but when she’s on the stage, a smile always appears on her face.

What is the reason then? It’s because she knows how to solve her problems, how to show off her energetic and happy images instead of sad and upset ones. That’s also why you will be happy all day if you admire her!

blackpink, lisa, funny, momment
The clearest definition for “shining” smile!
blackpink, lisa, funny, momment
How could her fans stop loving her with this cuteness

Rosé used to share that, Lisa is a girl who can make people around her happy. She was the one who helped Rosé develop her dancing skills and made her more excited with dancing.

blackpink, lisa, funny, momment

Good personality

A good personality is indeed a highlight that makes the audiences love an idol. No matter what you do and no matter how big it is, everyone can see it. Lisa is not only talented and beautiful but also has a good personality, which makes the audiences more and more addicted to her.

Nobody can understand a person as clearly as her family. In deed, when Hallyu K contacted Lisa’s sister to know more about her, she not only shared about Lisa’s pre-debut stories, but also commented about her: “She is very kind, she loves gathering with her friends, she is friendly, happy, respectful and polite to elder people”

blackpink, lisa, funny, momment
Lisa – an ideal idol in terms of many aspects

Not afraid of losing her image

Fans are playful, idols are even more. Lisa is a playful girl who thinks that, idols can turn into a kind of food to be eaten, so just “play hard”!

“Can’t stop laughing” with the “star catching” and “taxi” choreography of Lisa in Knowing Brothers

blackpink, lisa, funny, momment
And here, a “legendary” photo of Lisa

Above are just some highlights that make fans more and more addicted to Lisa (Black Pink), how about you? Do you agree with them or do you have another reasons?

Source: tinnhac, twitter, youtube

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