Lucas Not Included In NCT’s Merch: some fans asked SM to kick him out while some still supported him

Fans asked SM to make an official announcement regarding whether Lucas is still a member of NCT or not.

In August 2021, the controversy over the personal relationships of NCT/WayV’s Lucas broke out as a shock to both the Korean and Chinese entertainment industries. Accordingly, the 1999-born male idol was accused of being involved in romantic relationships with many fans in both Korea and China, along with bad behaviors such as: cheating, taking advantage of, gaslighting his girlfriends, badmouthing TV shows and members of the same group, etc.

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After the allegations against Lucas were constantly spread on social media, the male idol and his management company SM Entertainment eventually issued a response on August 25. However, instead of denying the rumors and accusations, Lucas posted an apology letter and SM made an announcement to suspend all of the male idol’s activities, causing fans to be disappointed.

In his handwritten letter, Lucas apologized to those who had been hurt by his wrongdoings. He said he was aware of his mistakes and would cease all activities to spend time on self-reflection. SM also admitted to being irresponsible in the management of their artists and apologized to everyone who was affected by Lucas’s actions. However, SM did not mention whether or not Lucas will leave NCT.

nct lucas

Since the day SM announced Lucas’s hiatus, very little information about Lucas has been updated other than that the male idol’s flight to China last month has been called off. However, recently, SM’s removal of Lucas from NCT’s new merchandise has made many fans curious about Lucas’ future. 

Earlier this week, SMTOWN & STORE announced that NCT’s merch ‘MY ARTIST CARD PACK’ will soon be available for sale at the company’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza store in Seoul. This pack includes random photocards of the members, a photocard cover and stickers with NCT members’ names. However, fans quickly realized that only 22 members’ names were printed on the sticker set. Lucas’s name is nowhere to be seen.

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While this is something many people already expected, it still sparks controversy. There are many fans and netizens who are very satisfied with this, but they also ask SM to completely remove Lucas from NCT instead of just silently removing his name on NCT’s merch then let him return one day. 

Meanwhile, as we all know, there are still many international fans who express their support and forgiveness for Lucas’ mistakes. They think that this is just a love scandal that doesn’t break the law, so just by self-criticism, Lucas will still be supported and can make a comeback. In addition, there are also many fans who still have the absolute belief that Lucas did not do anything wrong but was forced by SM to apologize. They said that fans had proven that some of the evidence presented by the accusers was fabricated, but SM did not clarify these details and only forced Lucas to apologize and cancel his schedule. Many fans criticized the company and said that the male idol was facing injustice.

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Many fans trended the hashtag #LUCAS_OUT (Lucas left the group), while many other fans trended the hashtag #ProtectLucas (Please protect Lucas)
nct lucas
Tweets showing support for Lucas still get thousands of retweets and likes.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are still many international fans angry when SM just silently removed Lucas’ name from NCT’s goods without any explanation. In general, whether they support or oppose Lucas, fans want the company to clarify whether he is still an NCT member or not as originally, SM’s apology or explanation was still too vague.

Is the support of many international fans the reason why SM can’t let Lucas leave but can only give him a break?

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