Love fans like Jennie and Rosé: Performing the solo debut song at BLACKPINK’s concert even though not yet released?

Jennie, Rosé, and the BLACKPINK girls always think of fans first, although this can significantly affect personal achievements.

In recent days, Kpop fans are extremely looking forward to the solo debut of Rosé (BLACKPINK).  For the BLINKs community (BLACKPINK’s fandom) in general and Rosé’s fans in particular, the female idol’s solo debut has been waited for a long time.  Especially after the successful year 2020, everyone is more and more looking forward to the appearance of the main vocalist of BLACKPINK as a solo artist.  And now this wish has come true when YG Entertainment has officially released a teaser for the upcoming product.

This time, YG Entertainment is quite risky to let Rosé make a solo debut with more than one song.  In particular, what makes fans look forward to the most is that she will perform her solo debut in the BLACKPINK online concert, THE SHOW, on January 31st!  The fan community is extremely excited at this news, but equally … confused because even the official release date and time of this song has not been set yet.  The fact that Rosé will give fans a chance to enjoy her solo song just like Jennie two years ago made everyone acknowledge that BLACKPINK really loves their fans!

Jennie performed SOLO in the concert of BLACKPINK right before the official debut date

This seems to be the “tradition” of BLACKPINK when Jennie used to perform her solo song at BLACKPINK’s In Your Area concert before her officially solo debut.  This special performance was like the gift that the female idol gave to the fans who were present at the group’s concert.  Fans also felt the female idol’s love for her fans.  Jennie also ưanted BLINKs to have the best experience at the group’s concert.

However, YG    Entertainment must also have been tendentious with Jennie’s debut.  The pre-promotion for SOLO was also considered a wise move for the company when it stimulated the certain curiosity of the audience with SOLO but did not make the song go viral too quickly before its òicial release date.  Because the time when Jennie pẻomed SOLO was only one day away from her debut, and BLACKPINK’s concerts were also offline concerts, so it was difficult for songs to be leak and spread online.

Love fans like Jennie and Rosé

Rosé will perform her new song on January 31st, but fans still have no information about the song?

Like Jennie, Rosé will also perform her solo debut song at BLACKPINK’s upcoming online concert on January 31.  Fans could not h elp but be excited by this news confirmed by YG Entertainment, especially fans who will enjoy the group’s online concert on that day.  The anticipation of Rosé’s solo performance after a while will surely make this performance attract the attention of the audience.

Love fans like Jennie and Rosé
Love fans like Jennie and Rosé

Jennie and Rosé love fans very much, but … what about the potential risks?

However, fans are still somewhat worried because applying this media strategy to promote Rosé’s new product seems too risky!  Although they know that she loves her fans and wants fans to enjoy her song, the female idol herself is also looking forward to introducing the song she has cherished for a long time to her fans.  But when compared to the time when Jennie released SOLO, it seems that Rosé will have to face more risks related to her solo achievements.

Love fans like Jennie and Rosé

Firstly, the time when Jennie performed SOLO in the In Your Area concert was only 1 day away from the official release date.  As for Rosé, YG Entertainment has not announced a date when her album will be released.  But there are also 5 days to go until BLACKPINK’s online concert.  It is also possible that YG will announce the official launch time of the product so that Rosé will not suffer a disadvantage when her song is performed at the online concert before its official release, leading to less interest in the audience.

Love fans like Jennie and Rosé

Second, Jennie performed SOLO at the offline concert, while Rosé will perform her new song at the online concert.  Leaking out of the recorded videos from concerts is common in Kpop concerts, even at offline concerts.  THE SHOW on January 31 will be an online concert, so it’s also easier to leak the concert videos.  Fans don’t know if YG Entertainment really has a plan to ensure the achievement of the YSL ambassador’s solo debut.

Love fans like Jennie and Rosé


Despite encountering such difficulties and obstacles, it is undeniable that both Jennie, Rosé, and the BLACKPINK members want to give fans the best experience.  Hopefully, YG Entertainment will soon have solutions to overcome the existing limitations and possible risks, so that it can guarantee the achievement of its artists!  We wish Rosé, and Lisa, Jisoo in the near future will all have a successful solo debut.

Sources: kenh14

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