LOONA’s explosive MV with fully 12 members

LOONA is reported to have released an MV with 12 members and is predicted to become one of the future top girl groups.

Beside (G)I-DLE, LOONA is also one of the most expected rookie girl groups of 2018. The group is the result of a super big project of Blockberry Creative Entertainment. The money invested in LOONA is reportedly eight times more than the amount invested in TWICE.

12 members of LOONA in one MV.
12 members of LOONA 

Heejin was the first member of LOONA to be introduced to the public, followed by the others with a quality music release for each. It can be said that despite having not officially debuted, the group was already a name to KPOP fans.

Today August 7th, the MV for LOONA’s newest song, “favOriTe,” was released on Youtube. This is the first MV of the group to be made with fully 12 members.

12 members of LOONA in one MV.

Just as fans expected, the idols have completely mesmerized everyone with their attractive traits. The song is expected to pave the way for the group’s official debut in August 2018.

With its powerful and modern beat,  “favOriTe” have received many compliments from netizens. Despite being a rookie group, LOONA gave fans a shock with not only their visuals but also their synchronization and quality vocalists. Hopefully, LOONA can become one of the groups that lead the Hallyu wave in the future.

Source: Tinnhac

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