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LOONA’s agency responds regarding Chuu’s settlement issue, “Chuu didn’t understand the contract because she was young? She was well aware of it”

While the conflict with Chuu is ongoing, Blockberry Creative expressed its position on the settlement issue.

KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Entertainment company Plus”, which aired on December 22nd, reported the conflict between ex-LOONA Chuu and her former agency Blockberry Creative.

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Chuu filed an application for an injunction to suspend the validity of her exclusive contract in January this year, 4 years after her debut. After the court decided partially in favor of her in May, Chuu established Chuu Co., Ltd in April and continued her activities with the group. However, Chuu was expelled from LOONA on November 25th.

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Regarding this, a lawyer explained, “In the case of general contracts, when activity sales generate profits, costs will be subtracted from sales. Then, the remaining amount is divided according to the ratio agreed upon by the agency and the artist”, adding, “However, Chuu signed a contract with a sales ratio of 7:3 and a costs ratio of 5:5, so Chuu was at a disadvantage in settlement”.

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The lawyer continued, “Supposing there are 1 billion won in sales and 600 million won in costs, Chuu only gets 300 million won from 1 billion won, according to Chuu’s contract. And then 300 million, which is 50% of the 600 million won in costs, have to be subtracted. In general contracts, Chuu can take around 120 million won, but in this case, she cannot receive 1 won.”

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“Entertainment company Plus” then contacted Blockberry Creative. An agency official replied, “She said she didn’t know about that because she was young back then. However, we already explained everything to her parents when we gave them the contract and before she signed it.”

They claimed, “Even if she didn’t understand it, her parents were well aware of what they signed. Chuu joined the project more than one and a half years later than Heejin, who was the first to sign with us, so she was already familiar with such content and situation and agreed to do it”.

Entertainment company Plus

Meanwhile, “Entertainment company Plus” also reported the drunk driving accident of actor Lee Roo and the news of singer-actor Lee Seung Gi donating the full amount of his unpaid music settlements. 

Source: Nate

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