Looking back on 2018, SNSD members have already known Kim Junghyun’s bad manner towards Seohyun?

Netizens assume that SNSD members have already known that Seohyun was being mistreated so they kept showing her support.

After the controversy of actor Kim Junghyun’s rude behavior towards Seohyun (SNSD), fans are irritated. Some fans took a look back on SNSD member’s comments and it seems like they have already known the fact that their youngest member was being mistreated by her fellow actor.

Netizen assumes that the members all understood her difficulty being mistreated by Kim Junghyun.

During “Time” filming process SNSD members were sending multiple food trucks for Seohyun and the staff, messenges on social media, even coming on set to keep her company. Seohyun posted her photo with Hyoyeon saying: “I don’t know why but I got tears in my eyes as soon as I saw unnie (Hyoyeon)…My members who touched my heart when I was so exhausted…Thank you so so much. I’m so happy and thankful to be such a loved maknae”

They also found Taeyeon’s comment back in 2018: “Whether it’s difficult or enjoyable, let’s live by sharing it and cheering each other up. Even if it’s not much, I will give my remaining happiness to you so have strength, baby!”. Seohyun replies: “I’m so touched Taeyeon. Let’s have a date and then we’ll talk.”

Fans felt bad for her because of the mistreat she had to endured in secret. But she did not say anything bad but instead shown her support towards him.  Drama “Time” actors Ahn Jin Hyun and Yoon Ji Won have shown their support for Seohyun on social media by liking and commenting on some of her Instagram posts.

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