Looking back at the 3 gifs that reveal Jessica’s unkindness, netizens argue that this cannot be the one being bullied in SNSD!

The publication of Jessica’s book is being noticed by Kpop fans in general and SNSD fans in particular. As if to prove Jessica’s inherent evil, fans have rediscovered her “mean girl” actions in the past.

It’s been 6 years since Jessica left snsd, but these past days, her autobiography that mentions SNSD members is becoming a hot topic on every Kpop forum.

While netizens was curious about the reason why Jessica left SNSD, an article on the Kpop forum about her terrible actions with other members while working with SNSD was suddenly shared.

In the autobiography, readers easily recognize that the details that Jessica told almost coincided with her old group. Specifically, Jessica directly mentioned that the main character in the story had to sacrifice a lot for the other members. Comparing the character in the story with Jessica, people realize more and more incredible coincidences.

But a series of images when Jessica was active with SNSD below proved the autobiography to be untrue. She was even remarked that she was “not the type of person who is easy to bully”.

She pulled Sunny’s hair at SM Entertainment’s concert

she pushed Yoona’s head fiercely in the I Got A Boy fansign, it didn’t look like a joke at all …

Jessica kicked Tiffany. But looking at Tiffany’s expression seemed like this was just a joke?

Netizen pointed out the common point of these three gifs was that Jessica was … annoying and doing bad things to other members of SNSD. Although still know that Jessica wasfamous for the title of “ice princess”, but the actions with the above expressions made it really difficult for netizens to give any excuses after watching. 

The reaction of Korean netizens on the Pann forum to these images is as follows:

– I’m not too serious… But hitting YoonA head and kicking Tiffany like that, it’s too much to be joking.

– She is so mean ..

– I’ve liked SNSD for a long time but this is the first time I saw this? Was Jessica crazy?

– SNSD fans know her personality. “Ice princess”? She’s really mean.

– In the end she decided to hurt the remaining 8 members …

That is the reaction of Korean netizens. Vietnamese netizens are no different. Most people believe that Jessica’s bad personality has been revealed since she was in SNSD. Maybe that’s the reason why the other 8 members are still close, but don’t contact or talk about Jessica after she left the group.

However, there are still people who think that just looking at a few cut gifs cannot confirm that Jessica is bad. Morover, Tiffany also laughed after being kicked by Jessica, proving this wasjust a joke between them. 
Judging jessica’s personality through just a few gifs is not objective, but looking at all of the mess surrounding her autobiography, it is clear that netizens’ aversion to Jessica is completely understandable.

Jessica is receiving a series of criticism for her first autobiography. Although readers in Vietnam have not been able to own this book, but only through comments from international fans, we can fully understand the whole story is going in a direction that can hardly support Jessica.

Although she is in such a difficult situation, Jessica has just announced that her autobiography ‘Shine’ will be adapted into a movie in the near future.

SOurces: pann, kenh14

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