Looking at the strengths of each K-pop fandom, can you realize what your fandom is best at?

Let’s take a look at some K-pop fandoms’ strengths to understand why their idols are so successful.

Each K-pop fandom has their own special points, which are shown in the lightstick, the fandom’s name, the representative color or the fandom’s strengths. Below are some prominent fandoms in Kpop and what they are best at.

SONE – To be long-lived 

Their idols have debuted for almost 11 years so SONE can be said to be one of the eldest fandoms in Kpop. Time has passed and many new idol groups have appeared, but this fandom still sticks together and will be ready to participate in any fanwars if someone harms SNSD’s interest.

V.I.P – Ignore their idols

While the other fandom handles their idols like any other fragile and precious thing, VIPs were willing to turn off the lightsticks during the concert to save the battery. They also wanted to have G-Dragon’s puppy even more than their idol. They did not want to go to the airport to welcome their idols because of the hot weather, either.

EXO-L – Make the products of brands that their idols represent out of stock

With a view to the huge expense on idols, it is clear that no fandom can outdo EXO-L. The tradition of this fandom is to buy all that their idol advertised or used, from cosmetics, clothes to cars, or even pens, etc.

A.R.M.Y – Vote for their idols regardless of days or nights

It is noticeable that A.R.M.Y is extremely good at putting their idols on top of both local and exotic charts. The evidence is that BTS has won the Billboard’s Socialist Award for two consecutive years with overwhelming votes.

WANNABLE – Raise the brand value for their idols

Because WANNA ONE‘s life is short, fans always make the most of their idols’ status to help each member’s career as they disband. That may be the reason why WANNA ONE has been in the top 3 idol groups that have the highest brand value. Daniel also has maintained his first place in 12 months in the personal charts.

LEGGO – Make fun of their idols

It seems that because EXID is humorous, LEGGO is not reluctant to make fun of their idols and all-day sits round thinking out how to tease the girls as much as possible. If you like some big fan pages of the female group, you will have a chance of splitting your sides with waves of laughter by the rich imagination of this fandom.

ONCE – Prove by data

At the last year award ceremony, TWICE missed several important awards. In all posts that related to that news , ONCE repeatedly commented on the achievement that TWICE had gained in the year to prove that the group was worth receiving the award. This seems to become a tradition of this fandom to always talk about achievement with anti-fans instead of just arguing.

BLINK – Stream the number of views

A series of records such as the group with the most viewed video on Youtube in the first 24 hours, the group with the video that reached 100 million views and 200 million views fastest all belonged to BLACKPINK. As can be seen, there is no doubt about the ability to stream views of BLINK.

Above are the strengths of some representative K-pop fandoms. What is your fandom best at?

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