Looking at the set of 3 hits by Blackpink, BTS and TWICE: Is it true that K-Pop is spreading in sync with increasing English lyrics?

The three songs of BTS, BlackPink and TWICE with more and more English lyrics made netizen question whether K-Pop is spreading too much and losing its identity?

The April Korean music scenario saw the return of many big names, not to mention the three most popular groups nowadays, BTS, BlackPink and TWICE.

MV “Kill This Love” – BLACKPINK

If Blackpink and BTS has consecutively turn up the heat with two hits “Kill This Love” and “Boy With Luv”, TWICE had just also made their first comeback in 2019 with “FANCY”. Not mentioning the three’s achievements, records or sales, a common point among the songs is seems to be the increase of English words, even accounting for half of the songs! This makes fans raise a question: Does K-Pop spread out means more English parts?

“Kill This Love” MV – BLACKPINK

With “Kill This Love”, BlackPink “implicitly” affirmed the fans about a completely new direction in 2019 when the group focused on heading to North American and European markets and somewhat neglected the Korean market.


Perhaps the audience can clearly see YG’s “American” determination as well as the 4 girls when “Kill This Love” lyrics make even fans surprised because … it has too much English! It is worth noting that the duo rap segment of Jennie, Lisa and the ending segment is 100% English.

Lisa and Jennie’s duo rap segments are completely in English

Not to mention the intermittent lyrics in Korean, “Kill This Love” owns half of English
Boy With Luv – BTS (ft. Halsey)

Although BTS has confirmed that they will not release a song entirely in English during the group’s “America-ward” operation, the recent songs still contain many English lyrics, including “Boy With Luv.”

Not entirely in English like Blackpink but English lines like these still exist here and there in the songs4
Excluding Halsey’s parts, the boys of BTS still sing a lot of English lines

Officially back on April 22, TWICE also announced the upcoming world tour, which includes stops in North America and Europe. The previous songs of 9 JYP girls also contains a lot of English lyrics. However, “FANCY” marks an innovation in the style of TWICE and the lyrics are said to have changed to match with the group’s activities in the upcoming overseas market.

The chorus also has many songs sung in this language

Although knowing K-Pop is growing and spreading globally and adding English to the song has been and will always be an inevitable trend but fans of pure Korean groups have been wondering whether the songs today are losing the nature of K-Pop?

The Hallyu wave that appeared and stirred up the world remained faithful to the way of using Korean to make audiences love a Korea with music, movies and many other cultural products. Netizen expressed hope that artists who appear anywhere in the world will always retain their identity in music. And the English part of each song, of course, is indispensable, but it should not overwhelm Korean parts.

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