Looking at Lisa’s childhood photos, fans are surprised by her fashion sense

Lisa’s childhood photos are being shared by fans after she released the “LALISA” MV. Notably, fans pay attention to her fashion sense.

After officially releasing her first solo MV titled LALISA, Lisa – the female idol from Thailand made her home country proud when she brought the Thai elements into the song and hit more than 70 million views within the first hours of release. While the MV is still taking over the social media, Lisa‘s photos when she was in Thailand are being spread by fans, including the childhood photos showing her “confusing” fashion sense.

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Recently, Lisa’s fans in particular and BLINKs in general had the chance to see many childhood photos shared by the female idol’s high school to celebrate the successful solo debut of the “Thai princess“.  

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The pictures of young Lisa taken during the performance at her high school make fans extremely excited. Seeing Lisa’s fashion sense when she was a kid, fans are not sure whether these photos are meant to congratulate or “tease” her.

Looking at Lisa's childhood photos, fans are surprised by her fashion sense

She wore a red dress and funny makeup when performing with her friends at school. Many fans joke that Lisa should not see these photos, otherwise she would not be willing to visit her high school again. BLACKPINK’s youngest member might not have much knowledge of fashion back then, but she was definitely brave. Not everyone has the courage to wear flashy clothes but still look confident like this.

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Lisa’s fashion style has changed. Her beauty is also more outstanding and charismatic than before. Only the talent and passion for music of the female idol born in 1997 are the same. The girl who used to perform on the school’s stage has now gained global attention with an impressive solo debut. No one can deny the success and popularity of Lisa at the moment.


With her solo debut, Lisa takes over various channels in Thailand. The pictures of her wearing a traditional Thai costume are even displayed in clothing stores to attract customers, and also to boast that Lisa is from Thailand.

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In a reaction video of Lisa‘s family, the female idol’s parents burst into tears when they first watched their daughter’s MV. Lisa left home at the age of 14-15, and lived alone in a foreign country. She has now become an artist who is admired by many Southeast Asians every time her name is mentioned.

Over the past few days, many Thai fans have been satisfied with Lisa’s MV. They are proud of Lisa for introducing the images of Thailand to the world.

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