Looking at Jungkook (BTS)’s current assets, fan cannot recognize the boy who asked for lunch money from his mom anymore

Jungkook (BTS) is praised by fans as the type of man who are “handsome on the outside, wealthy on the inside”.

Today (May 29th), many worldwide top media sources such as EconoTimes, Seventeen, The Live Mirror, Showbiz Cheatsheet,…reported about Jungkook (BTS)’s net worth.

EconoTimes – a news source focuses mainly on the economic and financial situation – pointed out: “Jungkook is one of the richest K-Pop celebrities”. A website called Celebrity Net Worth which mainly reports about the net worth of celebrities, revealed that the total net worth of this male idol at the moment is currently 8 million USD.

The German’s media Watson has wrote a significant article with lots of comments: “Jeon Jungkook seems to be doing well on his way of becoming a wealthy man. A really wealthy man. He might be the most extraordinary and popular of his group. He is loved by fans all over the world, and it’s hard to find a place where there is no fan of him, whether it is Japan, China, the U.S or Europe.

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Seeing this huge number of assets in Jungkook’s hand, many ARMY can’t help but recall the time when “the golden maknae” had to ask for lunch money from his mom because he still couldn’t receive his salary yet.

The aforementioned net worth of Jungkook mostly came from his music activity and commercial contract with BTS. In the past few years, BTS has become a worldwide famous group which leads to million copies of albums sold, concerts sold out everywhere in the world and worthy commercial contracts. Each members are now paid generously which is worth the effort they had out in all those years.

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