Look back at 2NE1’s last stage: No one could believe it has been 4 years already

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of 2NE1, let’s take a look at the last stage of the 4 girls, which made many people cry.

May 17, 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of 2NE1’s debut. This year’s anniversary of the legendary female group made the fans extremely touched when they see the 4 members getting together, cutting the cake to celebrate and the live streaming to share the happy day. It’s like an announcement that even though the group disbanded, they are still sisters.

Seeing 2NE1 reunite, many people can’t help but recall the last stage of the group at the MAMA 2015 awards ceremony before the disbandment. At that time, 2NE1 has temporarily stopped working for 1 year because of the drug scandal of Park Bom. Except for CL, no one had a solo activity. At MAMA that year, everyone thought only CL would appear to perform the songs “The Baddest Female” and “Hello Bitches”. But after the powerful performance of the leader, the lights in the entire auditorium suddenly went out. And then like a dream, Dara, Minzy, Park Bom and CL appeared proudly like goddesses in the amazement of the audience and other artists.

And then Leader CL started singing the first lines of “Fire” – their debut song: “I go by the name CL of 2NE1 / It’s been a long time comin’ but we here now / And we ’bout to set the roof on fire baby”. It was also the moment when the performance of the 4 girls began. Without a bit of awkwardness or confusion, Minzy, Dara, Park Bom and CL heated up the whole stage with the duo hit “Fire” and “I Am The Best”.

2NE1 – “The Baddest Female”, “Hello Bi+ches”, “Fire”, “I Am The Best” (MAMA 2015)

Not until later that people came to know that even MAMA awards organizers didn’t know anything about 2NE1’s unexpected comeback. Their plans were kept secret until the last minute, they were not on the performance list, nor did they participate in the rehearsals. The group also secretly flew to Hong Kong, the 2015 MAMA venue, and the only person who knew about 2NE1’s performance was the production director.

2NE1 spent all of their energy into a surprise comeback at MAMA 2015 after more than a year of absence

Despite returning in a difficult situation and having little time to practice, 2NE1 still showed the swag of the top girl group at the time, the MAMA stage was hotter than ever. But no one thought that 2NE1’s explosive performance at MAMA four years ago was the last time the four girls performed on the same stage and the two songs “Fire” and “I Am The Best” were also the goodbye that the legend girl group of YG Entertainment sent to those who love them.

The stage of MAMA that year was also 2NE1’s farewell

After 4 years of looking back, 2NE1’s stage at MAMA 2015 still made fans go crazy like yesterday. The unexpected reunion of 4 girls on the 10th anniversary gives them more hope that 2NE1 will have another amazing performance in the future so that the stage that year will not be the last time they sing together.

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