Liu Yifei, who is rumored to be expelled from the Chinese entertainment industry, appeared as a beggar in new drama?

The recent status of Chinese actress Liu Yifei has been revealed.

The main character Liu Yifei appeared in the teaser video for the new Chinese drama “Meng Hua Lu”, which was released on May 26th. Liu Yifei’s appearance in the drama is unexpected. Liu Yifei’s face and hands are covered with scars, and her hair is messy.

Liu Yifei will make a comeback with the women-centered historical drama “Meng Hua Lu”. It is a story of three women who are hurt by men pioneering a new life together. The drama’s director is also a woman. Liu Yifei is drawing viewers’ attention as it is her first appearance in a historical drama in 15 years since “The Return of the Condor Heroes” (2006).

Liu Yifei

The release date of the drama, which finished filming in July last year, has not been revealed yet. In the meantime, rumors spread that Liu Yifei, an American national, would be expelled from the Chinese entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, on May 26th, the teaser and still cuts of the drama were released through the drama’s official SNS. Its airing date is still undecided.

Liu Yifei

It is reported that Liu Yifei recently joined the new Chinese drama “The Love of Hypnosis”.

Source: Nate

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