BLACKPINK’s Lisa worked twice as hard to learn choreography when she was a trainee

Due to the language barrier, Lisa couldn’t communicate much with the trainers. She only watched the demo choreography, memorized and simulated the dance moves during practice.

On September 26, in an interview with Billboard, BLACKPINK’s Lisa talked about her dance training process when she first entered YG Entertainment. At that time, the female idol was 13, 14 years old and she couldn’t speak Korean.

Lisa said she had difficulty adapting to Korean culture and people. In order to get rid of negative emotions, the female singer practiced dancing, vocals, and performance styles with twice the intensity and effort of the average person.

According to the BLACKPINK’s maknae, the place where Lisa felt the most comfortable was the practice room where she could learn to dance.

There, trainees who weren’t fluent in Korean like Lisa didn’t need to communicate. She only had to watch and follow the dance moves of the trainers.

“At that time, I could only count from 1-8. The dance class didn’t have the concept of verbal explanation, so I just had to watch the demo, learn the choreography and perform them to match the trainers’ instructions. I feel like dancing doesn’t require me to think much,” Lisa said.

This process helps the female idol to have the ability to memorize choreography in a short time. “Only about 2 or 3 hours, I could learn a new choreography,” Lisa revealed.

Earlier, in AYO TV 2, professional dancers Sara and Lee Bo Min, chose Lisa as the best idol dancer in Kpop.

On September 10, Lisa released her first single “LALISA”. Her solo album achieved great success on music charts and her MV broke many view records.

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