Lisa was ridiculed by Knet as ‘only popular in Southeast Asia’ for not being in the top most- searched Kpop idols

On December 9, the ranking of the most searched Kpop male and female artists in Japan revealed names familiar to audiences in Japan.  BTS and Twice dominate the top 20.

It is worth mentioning that Black Pink did not rank as high as expected.  In 2020, the YG girl group achieved countless great achievements, being considered the “group of the year” by American magazines.  Lisa even is the only member not in the top 20 of the most searched idol in Japan.

Recently, Google Korea continued to release the list of the most searched idols of the year.  Jennie is the only member in the top 10 and the maknae Lisa continues to be absent in the first 25 positions.

Lisa is the owner of the social network account of the Kpop idol with the most followers today.  However, the fact that Lisa is constantly absent in the list of the most searched idols makes netizens controversial.  Many comments started to sarcasm that Lisa is just a famous idol in Southeast Asia, the level of awareness is not as high as fans once praised.  In Korea, her reputation is not as high as Jennie, in Japan is also inferior to Twice.  Lisa started to be ridiculed as just “hot girl social networking”, “power fantasy fan”, “reputation built by the media”, “popular only in Southeast Asia”…

Fans said that Lisa’s modern, personality beauty does not match the visual taste of Japanese fans.  Therefore, it is understandable that Lisa is not in the top search.  In Korea, Jennie is always the most famous member and foreign idols are not noticed by Koreans.

However, not appearing in the two charts does not prove that Lisa is less popular.  The Black Pink member is still the top star on the list of the 100 most beautiful Asian showbiz beauties voted by TCC Asia.  She is also the face of the world-class brand representative of Celine, the cosmetics company M.A.C.  Lisa is an idol with an international influence, so the sarcasm about popularity is absurd, deliberately lowering the idol from YG. 

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