Lisa was attacked because she was late to share a story to support Rosé’s solo debut, BLACKPINK fans fought fiercely, but what is the truth?

Just because Lisa did not post a story to support Rosé’s debut, BLACKPINK fans had a fierce controversy

At 0:00 on January 26 (KST), BLACKPINK fans in particular and Kpop fans, in general, focused their attention on the teaser for Rosé’s solo debut.  The heat of this debut is evident through the views and likes on YouTube.

Other members of BLACKPINK also excitedly shared stories about the teaser.  However, this incident suddenly broke out a controversy, anti-fans attacked Lisa because she shared a support story much later than the other 2 members.

9 hours after the teaser was released, Lisa just posted a story about the teaser to support Rosé.  The post also didn’t include captions, but only tagged Rosé’s Instagram account.  Many people, for this reason, believe that Lisa is not enthusiastic, not supportive of Rosé.  That’s why those big fan pages called for the hashtag to apologize to Lisa: APOLOGIZE TO LISA.  Along with that, the fan page did not forget to give explanations on behalf of their idol.

On the night that Rosé released the teaser, Lisa seemed to have had to record for “Youth with you 3” until 5 am.  She has a dense schedule and is extremely busy, so posting the story later than the other members is completely sympathetic.

Sources: kenh14

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