Lisa – Rosé – Jisoo became the background for Jennie to shine in BLACK PINK’s new CF

The BLACK PINK fandom is at war again when Jennie is once again the member with the most spotlight in the CF.

In the afternoon March 25th, the CF starring BLACK PINK and actor Nam Joo Hyuk was officially released and immediately got the attention of fans. Different from the expectation of fans about a CF where the girls each has equal parts, the CF this time is once again a “Jennie and friends” situation which upsets many netizens.

In the CF, Jennie became a princess living in an ancient dynasty who got lost to wonderland after following a magical deer. Jennie then was led by her friends Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo to romantic scenarios before meeting the male lead Joo Hyuk.

What upsets their fans is that different from what the producer has promised, the scenes of the other 3 members Lisa – Rosé – Jisoo in the full CF isn’t different from the teaser. The 4-minute-long CF only have a few seconds for each member. Before, when BLINKs complained about the teasers of Lisa –Rosé – Jisoo compared to Jennie, this brand has promised that the full version will be different. However, after the official CF was released, fans are shocked by how Jennie is the main character while the other 3 members are just the background for the “princess” to shine.

Many fans are afraid that is this continues, BLACK PINK won’t have a stable and long future. Some have commented: “Just because the other 3 are not as famous as Jennie in South Korea, this happened? Then why don’t you just invite Jennie for the CF instead of BLACK PINK. I can’t stand seeing my bias becomes the background for other members.”, “The brand needs BLACK PINK’s fame to advertise but the only one who is promoted by YG is still Jennie only”, “I’m Jisoo’s fan and my heart hurts seeing that kind of visual appeared for just a few seconds”, “I used to joke that Jennie is YG’s princess and now she has become a real one”, “I haven’t watched the CF yet but I have already seen lots of complaining comments. YG still haven’t learned any lesson? Soon BLACK PINK will be like Miss A”,…

However, some still defended that they shouldn’t blame Jennie for this favoritism because this is the arrangement of the producer. Also, the CF won’t have a storyline if all 4 members were main characters. Also, the fact that brands tend to choose the most popular face to become the vedette is easy to understand.

Sources: ione

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