Lisa – Momo covers the same hit, fans think that Lisa will win absolutely but the ending is unexpected

Showing the choreography of a song, the dancing machines Lisa and Momo are placed on the table for comparison.

Despite the opposite style but having the same main dance position in the two groups that are rival to each other directly, Momo (TWICE) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) are always compared by Kpop fans. Therefore, on the same occasion to cover a dance song, the dancing ability of the two girls was brought back to the discussion by netizens.

lisa momo
lisa momo 2
… and Lisa are always compared in terms of dancing ability.

During the end of last year, both Lisa and Momo had had the chance to show off their dancing skill through the track Taki Taki. While Lisa had a well-invested performance to promote YG’s Dance academy, Momo also impressed with a freestyle dance with the same Taki Taki beat on the reality show Running Man.

After many comparisons, many commented that Momo’s performance seems to be a little bit better. Because Lisa performed a well-prepared routine which has been choreographed and practiced many times beforehand while Momo stole the heart of the audience with her excellent freestyle moves.

Let’s check out Momo’s freestyle dance on the beat of Taki Taki:


Disagreeing with the reasons above, many said that the BLACKPINK member is the more impressive one. The fact that Lisa used a choreographed routine is a must because the video is used to promote so they have to prepare it well beforehand.

Talking about freestyling, Lisa can totally conquer anyone because she can choreograph quite well which was proved through choreography videos which was made by Lisa to promote YG’s dance academy.

Putting the freestyle skill aside, the majority think that Lisa’s technique is better which shows through her clean, strong but also sexy moves. The BLACKPINK’s youngest also has a special aura and the ability to put her emotion into every step.

However, all comparisons seem to be unfair because both Lisa and Momo’s skills are confirmed by professionals. Each of them follow a different style and the emotion they bring are different. If Lisa’s moves are more chic, strong and clean then Momo’s Taki Taki is feminine and elegant.

lisa momo 3 scaled 1
The 2 girls’ talent is the same and can’t be compared

Also, it is hard to compare when one is a well-prepared choreography while one is a freestyle routine without any preparation. To you, between Momo and Lisa, who did better?

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