BLACKPINK Lisa is the only Korean female idol to achieve this massive record on TikTok though she hasn’t had an account

Not owning any TikTok accounts, but Lisa is the only female artist to achieve this considerable record.

It is no exaggeration to say that Lisa is the most popular BLACKPINK member today, and also one of the most popular female singers in Korea. She owns Instagram with more than 64 million followers and million-like photos.

blackpink lisa

In addition to being the Kpop artist with the largest number of followers on the Instagram platform, Lisa recently surpassed Jennie to become a Kpop artist who reached 10 million likes in the shortest time with just over 2 days.

However, Instagram is not the only platform where Lisa has achieved such great records. Recently, Lisa was officially the first female artist to reach 39 billion views on TikTok – the world’s most popular short video viewing platform today. Besides Lisa, no Korean female artist has been able to surpass this number.

blackpink lisa
blackpink lisa

This record was set while Lisa had not yet opened an official TikTok account. This number includes videos of the female singer posted through YG’s TikTok account and videos with the hashtag #lisa posted by fans.

With this influence, surely if Lisa opens a personal TikTok channel, she will earn even more great records. Unfortunately, at a recent fansign, when asked by a fan about setting up a TikTok account, Lisa refused and said, “I don’t dare to use TikTok because I’m afraid I’ll upload too much”.

blackpink lisa

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