Lisa fell asleep while filming “Youth With You 3” because of the tight schedule, fans are extremely worried about the female idol’s health

Lisa’s extremely tiring moment right on the show “Youth With You”  receive great attention from fans.

The third episode of the TV show “Youth With You 3”, aired on the evening of February 25, continues to become a new hot topic on social networks in China. Besides the contestants, the comments, as well as the reactions of the coaches, were noticeable.  In this 3rd episode,  all attention was on Lisa when the BLACKPINK’s maknae showed a tired attitude while filming the show.

In the show, she appeared quite tired, yawned, closed her eyes, and just fell asleep.  According to the information, the third episode of the show had to film until midnight. It was also the time when BLACKPINK was preparing for THE SHOW, so she seemed exhausted.  This moment made fans worried about the health of the famous female coach.

Lisa fell asleep while filming "Youth With You 3"

Just sleeping a little, she woke up after Li Rong Hao said: “It’s ok”.  However, as soon as she opened her eyes, she still seemed a bit sleepy before she could “recover” 

Lisa fell asleep while filming "Youth With You 3"

Youth With You 3 is still constantly receiving attention from fans.  After a series of cute, radiant, and energetic expressions in the first episodes, Lisa had another super cute moment when fell asleep right on the show.

Lisa fell asleep while filming "Youth With You 3"

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