Lisa (BLACKPINK) will attend Paris Fashion Week at the invitation of Miu Miu?

Based on Lisa’s recent outfit series, many fans speculate that she will attend Paris Fashion Week at the invitation of Miu Miu.

In recent days, Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022 is the focus of public attention. K-pop idols who went to France to attend this event were also interested by the public, including Lisa (BLACKPINK).  Since CELINE is not on the list of brands at Paris Fashion Week, fans speculate that the youngest BLACKPINK will attend with a new role from another fashion brand.

Fans wonder about the role of female idols when attending Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022. (Photo: Twitter)

Accordingly, recently, fans have noticed that Lisa often wears outfits from the Miu Miu brand. During the days of promoting her solo song, the female idol was really fond of live streaming with fans and performing on stage.

Lisa wears outfits of Miu Miu from clothes to accessories. (Photo: Lisa styleid)
A gentle Miu Miu dress favored by Lisa. (Photo: Lisa styleid)

After Lisa’s schedule to Paris was revealed, many fans believe that Lisa’s representation of Miu Miu is true. Because she will depart on October 4, while Miu Miu’s show is expected to take place on October 5.

Even when wearing costumes to the gym, the female idol still loves designs from Miu Miu.  (Photo: Lisa style)

In addition, after Lisa’s last promotional stage in Korea, fans discovered that Harper’s Bazaar Thailand had uploaded a photo of the female idol. It is worth noting that this magazine also tags the brand name Miu Miu in the article.

In the last promotion stage of ‘LALISA’, she wore Miu Miu’s outfit and was published by the magazine. (Screenshots)

Miu Miu, a well-known Italian brand, is part of the Prada fashion house and was founded by designer Miuccia Prada. Miu Miu, unlike the CELINE fashion house for whom Lisa is an ambassador, focuses on more youthful items. As a result, many young people throughout the world adore this fashion label.

Thus, netizens believe that if Lisa becomes an ambassador for the aforementioned fashion house, she will be an excellent fit because of her energetic and upbeat personality. Furthermore, Miu Miu and CELINE have distinct vibes.

Lisa’s team and the company have yet to make an official statement regarding which brand the female star will represent at Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022. So it’s all just speculation of netizens. Fans, however, are looking forward to Lisa’s appearance at this big fashion event regardless of the role she takes.

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