Lisa (BLACKPINK) released a poster, but her nail is the center of attention

Lisa revealed the title song of her solo debut through the latest poster.

At 0:00 (KST) August 30, YG continued to tease the upcoming solo debut of Lisa. If the previous video clip was thunderous, this time it was the female idol’s turn, along with the title song’s title in the single album LALISA.

Accordingly, the title song will be called ‘LALISA’ – the real name of the youngest member of BLACKPINK and coincides with the title of the previously introduced single album. In the photo, Lisa has mysterious black hair, covers half of her face with her hand and only reveals her sharp and sophisticated makeup eyes.

However, the female idol’s shining 10-finger rhinestone nails are the “striking” element of the spotlight. The “claw” set becomes the highlight of the poster, highlighting Lisa’s luxurious and haughty look.

Mesmerized by Lisa’s glittering nails, but fans were disappointed by the song’s title. The female idol once wrote the words “What’s my name?” when posting photos in the studio, but everyone thought LALISA was just the name of her single album, who expected it to be used as the name of the title track.

As a result, some fans were disappointed by YG’s lack of inventiveness in naming the song. However, some people are attracted by this idea because the song’s and album’s titles are similar as if to indicate that this solo will be Lisa’s personality, expressing her individuality and building her own brand.

Netizens comment:

– Can’t they just come up with a creative name. Although I don’t know if this is Lisa’s idea or YG’s decision, it still feels weird because the album name is LALISA, the single name should be more special.

-It must have taken YG a long time to come up with this name, right?

– I like this style again, the title song is the name of the album, the name of the performer. In general, I have never encountered this case before and now find it quite interesting. This is Lisa’s solo so the song’s name is LALISA, I think it makes sense. This style is only for Lisa and also shows Lisa’s style.

– I think the title is good. Lalisa is Lisa’s Thai name, so non-fans like me find it meaningful. Prove that this is a song composed just for Lisa. Looking at this make-up, the music seems to be influenced by Egyptian or Thai music.

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