Lisa (BLACKPINK) made her first move after being accused of ‘body shaming’ a trainee at “Youth With You 3”

However, Cnets’ reactions to Lisa were extremely unpredictable

Lisa (BLACKPINK) has been caught up in a recent scandal, the hashtag #LisaApologizeTo LiangSen suddenly reached the top trending of Twitter.  The reason for this incident is because a part of the netizens said that she had the action of body shaming trainee Liang Sen – the only trainee who shaved his hair at “Youth With You 3”. 

In the show, Lisa asked about why Liang Sen’s head is so shiny, but until recently, the male trainee revealed in tears that he has had health problems, so he had to shave his hair.

Liang Sen could not hold back tears when sharing about the current health problem: “Because of the pressure, my hair gradually falls out. I shaved it, but I discovered when the hair regrowth is only gray hair.  I didn’t want to see this, so I shaved my hair again. “

In the middle of the night of March 22, Lisa suddenly showed off selfies of 4 with the message: “Everyone must pay attention to eat, practice well. It’s difficult, but try hard”.

Under this article, a lot of comments praise the beauty of the maknae of BLACKPINK, in addition, Chinese netizens also encouraged Lisa: “Please sleep well”, “You have worked hard, please rest”, “Take a good rest and don’t think anything “, …

Not only that, many advocates that, before questioning Liang Sen, Lisa shared that: “I don’t know if it’s rude to ask or not”.  Also, after talking, Lisa apologizes to her the trainee if the question makes him uncomfortable.  Liang Sen also happily replied to Lisa: “It’s Ok. Nevermind”.

Source: Twitter, Weibo

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