Lisa (BLACKPINK) is compared to a “Celine goddess” after her appearance at the Paris Fashion Week

All of Lisa’s outfits from the airport to the main events are from this French designer’s.

Lisa has just arrived in Paris to attend Celine’s Fashion Show. This brand has been a close friend with the BLACKPINK’s youngest which she always seems to prefer for her airport fashion.
At the event, Lisa was invited as a first-row guest. Her outfit was simple but still high-fashion enough to radiate the main idea of Celine.
Lisa’s chic vibe was accentuated, and her new smoky hair color was a perfect pair with her wardrobe choice that day.
With a perfect Celine oufit, Lisa is being called the “goddess of Celine”, like how Jennie was called the “living Chanel”.
The choice for Lisa’s visit to Celine boutique is also praised for being simple but elegant.
She was wearing the items from Celine’s latest Fall/Winter Collection.
The items seem simple but are actually very expensive. The Triomple Bag which is abou 7.000 USD is one of Lisa’s favourites.
Before arriving in France, her outfit at the airport was also complimented. With a black-and-white and basic theme, Lisa still proved her fashionista vibe.
Many fans are surprised by the total price of Lisa’s outfit. To go with the Celine black t-shirt which is 540 USD, Lisa chose many pricey accessories: Celine Triomphe bag (7.000 USD), Cartier bracelet set (15.580 USD), Chrome Hearts ring (5.574 USD) and a Rolex watch (31.550 USD).

Source: iOne

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