Lisa (BLACKPINK) enchants fans with her visuals and freaking charm on the music background Pretty Savage remix

Lisa’s part in BLACKPINK’s VCR concert received countless compliments.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is currently the leading female idol among Kpop female stars. Not only possessing impressive beauty, her talent also gets the Thai female idol herself big love from a large number of global fans. With immense stage charisma, top dancing ability and impressive rap voice, Lisa has successfully conquered the hearts of many fans.

That’s why topics about Lisa always attract the attention of global netizens. As evidence of this, fans suddenly dug up her part in the VCR of BLACKPINK’s online concert THE SHOW. Although the concert was completed in early 2021, it still left a deep impression on the audience.

In the individual segment, Lisa attracted attention with her top-notch beauty and charisma.  Every time she appears with a new image, netizens are crazy about the visual of the BLACKPINK maknae.  This time, Lisa brings a seductive aura, which is different from the strong girl-crush vibe usually seen in her.  Indeed, Lisa can execute all the concepts perfectly.

The melody of the “Pretty Savage” remix version also makes listeners fall in love!  Pretty Savage, which is a hit promoted by BLACKPINK in parallel with Lovesick Girls, is now equally popular as the title song.  In the background of remix music, Lisa’s beauty and charisma are enhanced.

Fans have left many comments praising Lisa’s beauty and charisma:

  •  That’s great, Lalisa!
  •  It’s so excellent!
  •  Lisa is crazy pretty!!
  • Always excellent!
  •  I don’t understand anything but it’s still good haha!

Source: K14

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