Thought that Jennie would be the focus of attention of dating rumors with G-Dragon, but netizens only paid attention to Lisa’s billion-won bangs at the event

Every time Lisa (BLACKPINK) lifts her bangs, people joke that someone has paid the female idol million won

On February 25, the girls of BLACKPINK met up with Simon Smith, the British ambassador to the Republic of Korea, in order to be officially instated as the global ambassadors of the ‘UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021’. BLACKPINK will also be promoting actively as ambassadors of COP26. Immediately, these images caused a global storm because this was the first time that Jennie appeared to the media after the dating news.

Thought that Jennie would occupy the spotlight, but netizens paid attention to another member, Lisa.  Often known as “the girl with billion-won bangs”, the youngest member of BLACKPINK rarely appears without bangs Lisa said it would be very uncomfortable if someone touches her bangs and only takes it off if she is paid 10 billion won.  In today’s event, Lisa suddenly lifted her bangs, fully showing off her bright face.  Many netizens even joked: “Who gave 10 billion won to Lisa to lift her bangs?”.

People especially noticed that Lisa’s “billions of bangs” were lifted, helping her to show the bright face.
Every time Lisa lifts her bangs, netizens are excited.  This time, she fully showed off a bright face, harmonious facial features, and lovely looks
Inherently beautiful, Lisa has bangs or not, she is still attractive, and  luxurious
Recently, Lisa has often exposed her forehead more often than before
Recently, Lisa has often exposed her forehead more often than before
Lisa is more adorable and gentle without her bangs
Every time Lisa lifted her bangs, people joked that someone had paid her a hundred billion

Sources: kenh14

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