Lisa and Rosé are mysteriously beautiful in the teaser video, will BLACKPINK’s new song be the ballad?

Lisa and Rosé were the two members to open the series of teaser videos of BLACKPINK.

On the morning of September 27, YG released concept teaser videos of Lisa and Rosé to promote the full album THE ALBUM. Quite a lot of people were surprised because they thought that the company would take a break at the weekend, who expected YG to be so hard-working. 

The teaser video of Lisa and Rosé were set in a deserted car park at night, like the back-shadow photo that the group released earlier. They moved aimlessly in the dark. In close-up scenes, they all showed sad expressions. 

In particular, a short gentle music track was revealed at the end of the teasers of Rosé and Lisa. Most likely this is the melody of the title song that BLACKPINK is about to release. Many fans believed that this song is similar to Stay – the group’s old song. Even fans guessed that this new song would be a ballad.

However, YG often released teasers that were different from the official MV. To know how the group’s new song is, let’s look forward to the upcoming teasers of the 4 girls from now until October 2!

Fan comments:

– It sounds like Stay. But so far I don’t know the name of the title track. Don’t say the title of the song is The Album too.

– Godness, it sounds like Whistle and Stay.

– Teasers are great, no best, only better.

– I think it would be a ballad, like Stay. Stay’s concept was also like this.

– Usually BLACKPINK’s teaser and music were not very related. Only pretty girls still did not change.

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